OECD’s 2024 High-Level Policy Forum, Paris France

On January 22nd, our colleague Irfan Lone from FEANTSA, represented the Cancerless Project at the OECD High-Level Policy Forum on the Future of People-Centred Health Innovation, held in Paris. This significant event brought together an extensive array of stakeholders and policymakers from OECD member states, candidate member states, and esteemed international organizations such as WHO, EU, and ISSA.

The forum served as a vibrant platform for dynamic discussions spanning a diverse range of themes crucial to the future of healthcare. From patient-centred care and digital innovation to artificial intelligence, climate change, and genomic medicine, the event explored a myriad of topics. The discussions were not only lively but also informed by the perspectives of hundreds of participants, fostering a rich exchange of ideas.

These thematic explorations delved into both the potential and challenges inherent in shaping future health policies and systems. The multidimensional nature of the forum allowed for a comprehensive examination of the intersection between healthcare and pivotal global health issues.

Irfan Lone’s representation of the Cancerless.EU Project added a valuable dimension to the discussions, emphasizing the importance of addressing health care within the broader context of people-centred health innovation and specifically advocating the urgent need for an optimised inclusion of underprivileged and marginalised communities. The event highlighted the urgency of collaborative efforts in navigating the complexities of modern healthcare, ensuring that innovation is harnessed to benefit all, leaving no one behind. The Cancerless.EU Project, through its participation, contributed to shaping the discourse on inclusive health policies and systems, echoing the commitment to a future where healthcare is accessible, equitable, and patient-centric, no matter how or where one lives.

In the face of formidable challenges to our health systems, the path forward is clear: united through open dialogue, inclusion and health care justice, robust partnerships, strong yet engaging leadership, prioritising health care spendings, with even more investments for “preventing the preventable”, we can navigate these complexities. Our strength lies in collaborative efforts, where all stakeholders come together, sharing creativity and insights. It’s not just a call to action; it’s an invitation to a collective journey of discovery and problem-solving, a journey of true health equity. Our representation at this

valuable event also ensured a persist shared commitment to finding innovative solutions for the challenges ahead. Through continuous collaboration, we not only conquer hurdles but build a resilient and responsive health ecosystem. The participation of Cancerless.EU at this event championed our commitment for a healthier, inclusive and more connected future for all.

Summery by:
Irfan M Lone
Global Health Specialist
Advisor Policy & Communications
FEANTSA (Cancerless)