Eliminate the significant differences that homeless people experience when accessing health care systems: Europe takes action.

Nearly one in three homeless deaths is due to causes amenable to timely and effective medical care. Cancer is the second most common cause of death among the homeless population (Aldridge, 2019). The cancer mortality is double compared to the adult in the general population in high-income countries (Asgary, 2018).

  • The Health Navigator model is a cost-effective and evidence-based methodology for fostering health outcomes of deprived and hard-to-reach groups
  • Targeting the underserved communities contributes to Public Health
  • Long-term individual outcomes of early interventions have an effect on long-term communities’ health and healthcare systems.
  • The cost-effectiveness and cost-utility of prevention and screening actions are demonstrated.

Country and city

Total homeless population in 2019

Austria (Vienna)

Currently, there is no official and systematic monitoring of the homeless population in Austria; however, around 13,900 were roofless or without…

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Greece (Athens)

The City of Athens published in May 2016 a piece of research, in which 451 persons were sleeping roughly in the…

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Spain (Madrid)

Total of 3363 persons were registered as homeless in the Community of Madrid in 2019, according to data provided by the…

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